The Foundation for Regeneration is an NGO dedicated to creating meaningful demonstrations that showcase the promise of Regeneration. FFR’s work is at the intersection of economic development, social equity, and ecological health. 

In partnership with the EDCKC and IDA, the Foundation for Regeneration has put together a team to improve both the competitiveness and the sustainability for the Blue River Valley integrating industry, community, and nature.

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The Phase I Discovery work has the following deliverables: 


  • Written report and verbal presentation to the EDCKC and other stakeholders covering:

    • Listening tour results interviewing stakeholders on stated questions

    • Review of outcomes of similar situations nationally 

    • Intervention roadmap and articulated vision of the “Eco-Industrial Park” concept

    • Scoring and weighting criteria vetted by stakeholders to guide project selection

  • Master list of projects and recommendations for the best opportunities for value creation


To that end, we are on a listening journey with key stakeholders both institutional and community members to identify what project interventions to include in our next round of funding applications.


In 2021, the Foundation for Regeneration applied to receive $500k in Phase 1 for the ARPA Build Back Better Challenge in the Blue River Valley. If awarded, the BRV will be positioned for $25-100 million in Phase 2.